Reefer container storage and transportation available
    throughout Pakistan
    Dealing in all issues of customs law, showcause notice,
    assessment discrepancies and legal hearings.
  • All Pakistan Customs
    Clearance License
    Dedicated employees working at all customs
    ports of Pakistan.

Welcome to Rajab Ali & Sons

Pakistan's leading customs clearance firm for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and the rubber industry. We are a highly reputable and efficient organization that specializes in streamlining the import and export processes for these sectors.

Customs Clearance

Rajab ali & sons offer efficient customs clearance services, ensuring smooth import and export procedures.


Rajab ali & sons offer reliable transportation services, ensuring prompt and efficient delivery of cargo for all customers.


Rajab ali & sons offers legal consultation services, specialising in customs rules and procedures.

Our Special SERVICES

Our customs clearance services are known nationwide to be one of the most technical sound, reliable and affordable. We take pride in delivering wholesome services to our client.

Packaging And Storage

Rajab ali & sons offers top-notch packaging and storage services, ensuring your goods are expertly packed and securely stored. With their professional team, you can trust them to handle your items with care and provide reliable storage solutions.


Rajab ali & sons offer reliable warehousing services, ensuring efficient storage and management of goods. With their secure facilities and expert handling, they provide seamless logistics solutions for businesses of all sizes.


Rajab ali & sons offers efficient cargo services, ensuring timely delivery and secure handling of goods. With a reliable fleet, experienced staff, and global network, they are the trusted choice for hassle-free and dependable cargo solutions.

Door to Door Delivery

Rajab ali & sons offers reliable and convenient door-to-door delivery services. With their efficient team and wide network, they ensure prompt delivery of your packages, making your life easier and hassle-free.

Worldwide Transport

Rajab ali & sons offers a comprehensive worldwide transportation service, ensuring efficient and reliable delivery of goods across borders. With a global network and expertise, they prioritize customer satisfaction and timely logistics solutions.

Ground Transport

Rajab ali & sons offers reliable and efficient ground transport services. With a diverse fleet of vehicles and experienced drivers, they ensure safe and timely transportation for individuals and businesses.

Rajab Ali & Sons is a Global Supplier of Customs Clearance and Supply Chain Solutions.

Why Choose us?

Global supply Chain Solutions

Rajab ali & sons offers comprehensive global supply chain solutions, ensuring seamless logistics, efficient warehousing, and timely delivery. Their expertise empowers businesses with streamlined operations and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Technical Knowledge

Rajab ali & sons offers exceptional technical knowledge services, equipping clients with the latest expertise in the customs law. Their team delivers insightful solutions, ensuring optimal tax saving and time efficient customs process.

Careful Handling of Valuable Goods

Rajab ali & sons offers exceptional packaging and storage services, ensuring the safe handling and preservation of your valuable goods. Trust their expertise for secure and efficient solutions that exceed your expectations.